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Rome, Feast of St. John of the Cross 2020

   Dear Friends


   Today I have the great pleasure of sending you the volume of the Proceedings of the Vatican Symposium of 2017. The volume, entitled Adrienne von Speyr: A Woman in the Heart of the 20th Century, has been edited thanks to the generous contribution of theBalthasar Center of the Theological Faculty of Lugano. Our thanks therefore go to Prof. Jérumanis as well as to Prof. Tombolini who edited it.


   The contributions are published partly in Italian and partly in English, so that speakers from the United States, Canada,Germany or the Czech Republic can be read by their friends in a language familiar to them. For those who cannot easily obtain the book from the Cantagalli editions, it can be ordered – also in electronic version – at Casa Balthasar (c/o don Andrea) or at Ignatius Press (c/oThomas Jacobi), with a modest fee in exchange for shipping costs.


   "Who knows the fullness of light, must not, for reasons of saving, live in the twilight," said Adrienne. Through this book, we can be witnesses of the Light of Christ that the world needs more than ever!

Jacques Servais

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